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What is breastmilk jewelry?

  • It is jewelry that is very special to a mother. It commemorates her nursing journey and serves as a reminder of her selfless gift. I take the mother's own milk (surrogate, milk donor) and preserve it in resin. The breastmilk is no longer in liquid form when the jewelry is complete.

What is the breastmilk stone like?

  • Your breastmilk stone is a solid piece, but the hardness may vary. Because I create the pieces from a liquid state, your milk may settle differently in the resin causing some stones to be softer than others. However, all stones will be durable and built to last under normal wear. I expose my stones to heat to avoid bubbles, however, small bubbles still may appearing the finished piece and is expected in the nature of the handmade resin items.

What color will my breastmilk stone be?

  • The finished color of your breastmilk stone depends on the color of your breastmilk. Many times the breastmilk changes color in transit.

Is it just my milk in my stone or is my milk mixed with someone else's?

  • Your breastmilk keepsakes are made with JUST your breastmilk! I carefully organize and label everyone's breastmilk when storing, prepping, and casting all pieces. Although there is no way to "prove" your milk was used, as a nursing mother, I know the importance and symbolism of these items.

How/where do I send my milk?

  • There is no extra charge for breastmilk to be added. Each piece requires just half of an ounce of milk to make.¬†Once your order is placed you will need to send your milk to the following address:¬†2621 Bridge Ave. ¬†Davenport, IA 52803

  • I recommend sending the milk inside of two ziploc bags to decrease the chance of spills. Also be sure to include your name, contact info, and order number (provided at checkout) with your milk.

  • Milk can be frozen, old, freezer burnt, etc. It will not affect the finished product of the jewelry. Please thaw frozen milk first before sending to prevent condensation during shipping.

  • Please place your order first then send your breastmilk.